Ashley Boyde

The sharpshooter of the Black Jacks


9 of Spades : 4d8 Queen of Hearts : 3d10 3 of Diamonds : 2d6 Queen of Clubs : 1d10 6 of Diamonds : 2d6 10 of Hearts : 3d8 9 of Diamonds : 2d8 Jack of Diamonds : 2d8 6 of Hearts : 3d6 Ace of Diamonds : 2d12



Ashley was born into a hard life. Her father was an old farmer living out in the middle of nowhere, trying to scratch a living from hard soil. Her mother died when she was still a child leaving her the only child of a man who wanted a son to carry on his legacy. Still, old Mr. Boyde was not one to overlook a gift from God. He set his daughter to match his daily chores. Ashley was worked day and night, farming the land, handling the animals, and cleaning. As she blossomed into a woman Ashley took on even more responsibility, riding out to the edges of their land to fend off those horrors that the Weird West would send their way. Ashley quickly became a skilled hand with a rifle.

Unfortunately, during her 17th year her father died of a flu. His old bones simply weren’t enough to resist the sickness. Ashley managed to run the Boyde farm by herself for several years before a local land Baron learned of her father’s death. Soon, cattle were disappearing in the middle of the night, or worse, being left mutilated for her to find the in morning. Soon the Baron was coming around himself in an attempt to persuade her to give up the land. As he gazed upon the rough and tumble beauty of Ashley the land Baron realized he must have her for his own. Right then and there he made Miss Boyde and offer. Be his wife, and he would let her keep the farm. Ashley new better. The Baron would soon tire of her, and kill her and make the farm his own. She outright denied his advances, standing firm in the face of adversity.

The Baron left, enraged. That day he spent many hours devising a plot. The next morning he arrived at the Boyde farm with the local Sheriff. While Ashley covered him from the porch of her home the Baron laid his dastardly plan before her. He displayed a deed, entitling him to the land the Boyde residence was on, and a Signifier of Betrothal, claiming that long ago Mr. Boyde had agreed to give up his daughter’s hand in marriage. Ashley nearly shot him between the eyes right there but the Sheriff took her aside, and had a word. Whether she liked it or not she was to be the Baron’s wife, a contract’s a contract. The marriage was to be conducted that night by the local clergy.

Thinking fast, Ashley agreed to wed the Baron. Grovelling to him, rubbing up against him and promising everything he wanted disgusted her to no end, but the alternative was spending the day in jail, and then the rest of her miserable life chained to a bastard. Ashley managed to keep up the charade for many hours. Some hours before the wedding, she told the Baron she wanted to wear her mother’s dress to the wedding. She insisted, and as the only one who knew where it was she had to go back to the farmhouse and retrieve it personally. Fooled by her apparent change in personality, the smug Baron allowed her to run back to her little farm. Under the cover of growing darkness Ashley gathered her meager belongings. She headed back into town and sold the remaining livestock to a sympathetic stablehand in exchange for a fast horse. She rode out of town that night and never once looked back.

Ashley Boyde

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